Dr. E.D, Brno, Czech Republic

For several decades, I have been interested in scientific mind / body and brain / consciousness research professionally. Increasingly, I became aware of and work with the energy / information fields that underlie physical reality. My work tends to be on the cutting edge of science and in application, challenges current political and economic power structures. Unfortunately, (like a virus invading my body) negative energies seem to occasionally invade my personal energy / information space. I have come to call this “psychic attacks”. They typically occur when an important project is nearly finished and about to become public. The “attacks” range from inexplicable equipment failures and near accidents to extreme tiredness and mental confusion. This can go on for days and sometimes weeks. I used to think that maybe I lack willpower and discipline to finish the project, or that I have an unconscious pattern of fear of completion. Then over a year ago, someone referred me to Lourens. Now in one session, my mental space is cleared and finishing the project is relatively easy.

Once I asked Lourens to intervene on behalf of a relative who was hugely successful in his work until he had a nervous breakdown – apparently due to burnout. For months, he lingered in a drugged state in a psychiatric institution (in Brno) without apparent improvement. With his mother’s permission, I had a session with Lourens (in Cape Town) on his behalf. The next day his mother phoned excitedly that he suddenly seems so much better and that his medication will be reduced. About 10 days later, he was allowed to go home. And a couple of months later he started to work again and is coping well, although he still has to take it easy.

I am deeply grateful to Lourens for his profound support.