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About us

Lourens grew up in a religious and conservative home. Life moulded him to become an industrialist; he owned a High Tech Industrial Chemical Waste Management Company.

He was well aware of the impact stress had on productivity and thus started exploring effective ways of managing his own and other peoples stress.

He eventually stumbled across Reflexology and Aromatherapy as effective stress relieving modalities. By following his gut feel to explore these modalities in depth, he discovered an entire new reality thereby awakening a sleeping giant within him. He gradually started seeing auras and chakras and received messages from seemingly nowhere for his clients that, as it turned out, was of great value to them. He became more and more intrigued by this “unseen world” and fortunately, the remarkable results achieved motivated him to persist on his new path.

He realised that he naturally had extrasensory abilities. He could see, hear, smell, taste and feel things that “did not exist”.

In his resulting quest to know more he spent years encountering great teachers mainly from the Far East and India, who systematically taught him how to utilise those abilities effectively so that he could help others overcome an array of life challenges. He eventually chose to leave his corporate career, so that he could devote his full attention to what became his passion.

Lourens is now fortunate enough to live his passion and in doing so, assist others to optimise the value they get from life.

He has been an extrasensory therapist for 21 years and has done thousands of sessions on people across the globe who seeks him out for all sorts of problem solving, revitalisation and healing. Although most of his work is done via phone/Skype he also meets with clients in person. He is a humble man who devotes his success with gratitude, respect and love to all his teachers of this and other worlds from whom he continues to learn every day. He tries his best to avoid the limelight. His first book “When you die” is now available for purchase at