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Welcome to The Blue Pearl

Sages, Yogis and Qigong Masters have for centuries mentioned a tiny point of brilliant blue light that can clairvoyantly be seen in the centre of the brain, generally known as the Blue Pearl. They say that the core of consciousness exists within this point of light. The one who finds and explores that light explores life. This site is about a clairvoyant who has mastered the art of accessing that light. As a result, he assists people by revitalising them mentally, emotionally and physically, so that they can get clarity, find realistic solutions, heal, perform at their full potential and enjoy the fullness of life. His worldwide client base are from all spheres of society, ranging from children to senior citizens and including professionals in the medical, psychological, religious, political, business and celebrity world. If you are prepared to go beyond conventional thinking to be a high end achiever in life, then you will find value within these pages. For more information and to purchase his book, When you Die, click here.

What the clients say...

There are very few people I trust to give solid counsel in this world and Lourens is one of them. He is simply brilliant! With all the ‘stuff’ we have going on, things can sometimes get very confusing, we even begin to doubt ourselves. This is where Lourens comes in. His insight is absolutely brilliant. He has a brilliant ability to tune into the matter at hand and helps create clarity. He also has a great handle on reality so helps in creating ...


We all need help. Being brave enough to call on it when you are at the lowest points in life is worth serious consideration.The assistance gained from a number of key sessions with Lourens over the years has been a valuable resource in every sense of the word. The range of complex international problems that we faced was mind blowing to most people. The expert guidance through these complex situations...


Lourens is a rare and talented being. We consider ourselves deeply fortunate to know him and to be able to access his healing skills and wisdom when it’s needed. And even when we are feeling great, it is still great to consult with him and get him to tidy up our energy field! His abilities defy rational explanation… but everyone whom I have recommended Lourens to, have also come home raving and feel blessed by the opportunity.